Apr 27, 2009

Forget PC Edutainment Games

Learning happens with real games. Like World of Warcraft, Zelda, Toon
Town, the Sims, Pokemon, and yes Senator Lieberman, even Grand Theft

What type of learning? Reading, Writing, Arithmatic, you know, back to

Oh yeah, also problem solving, ethics, mythology, economics, food
science, horticulture, pet care, and programming. Well, just to name a

Don't believe me? Please test my shocking claims by following these
three simple steps.

1. Go to http://gamesparentsteachers.com. Spend 30 minutes on this site.

2. Talk with almost any child about video games they like and then
play said game(s) with child.

3. Read "Don't Bother Me Mom I'm Learning" by Marc Prensky.

If you are a teacher/librarian who already knows great learning takes
place through gaming, follow these step anyway. If you do, you will
amass an arsenal of words, research, and experience with which to
persuade power holders to give gaming a chance in K-12 schools.

Gotta go, playing Star Wars Leggos with a 6-yr-old.

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  1. My Spanish Coach looks awesome... been selling like hotcakes from what I understand.


  2. What are these games you are talking about? I only know writing and reading games. Just kidding.

    We can beat kids at their own attempts to be apathetic and thwart all attempts at learning. Hey kids, you think you aren't learning anything with your video games? Well, HA! You really are and we as educators have tricked you! Mwhaaaaa *maniacal laugh*


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