Apr 26, 2009

BEDA #26 - Collaborative Writing is Much Fun

Earlier this week, My BEDA Buddy Karson (see http://maureenjohnson.ning.com/profile/KarsonReed) posted a Writing Game, called 55.

Here are the rules (hoping this isn't cheating by reposting someone else's BEDA...)

1. Stories may be only fifty-five words long or shorter.
2. If it’s in the dictionary, it counts as a word.
3. Contractions count as single words.
4. Hyphenated words count as two words if the words become free-standing words when the hyphen is removed. Example: “free-standing” and “blue-green” are counted as two words; “ex-mayor” is counted as one word.
5. Initials count as a word because they stand for a word. Examples: “J.K.Rowling” and “L. L. Bean” count as three words each.
6. Acronyms count as one word because they are used as words. Examples: NASA, IBM, USA, NATO
7. Numbers count as words also. When using digits, numbers count as only one word, but when spelled out, they count as the number of words used. Examples: “twenty-eight” counts as two words, “28” counts as one word.
8. Titles may be up to seven words in length. Words used in the title do not count against the fifty-five words allowed in the story.
9. The story has to have a beginning, middle, and end.
10 Bonus challenge: create a twist or surprise at the end of the story!

If you read this, please take a few minutes to particpate. I think this could turn into something really big and cool, or really big and rediculous. Either way, it will be fun.

Here is how you participate.

First, go to http://maureenjohnson.ning.com/profiles/blogs/lets-play-a-game-called-55

Read the original post, then Cassandra's contribution, and then mine. Post the next thrilling page in the story. Hope to read your post soon!

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  1. I love your response! I hope more people jump on the bandwagon and play! Don't people like writing games anymore. I mean...what?


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