Apr 25, 2009

You can teach with your iPhone

There is no doubt. Technology rocks! Is it too simple for my doctoral
thesis to be this: It is good to use 2.0 in public schools. It is bad
not to.

I have now set up Blogger to post my blogs via my email using
mail2blogger. I am using my iPhone as my mail device. I can add a
picture or a video too. I can teach from my iPhone by delivering
content and assignment details to students on my blog.. Student can
use their phones to post a reply back to me or to their blogs.

Here is an "off the cuff" example of a lesson.

Topic: Native Plants of Indiana Field Research

Assignment: using your phone, or computer and digital camera, find a
plant that is native to Indiana and include an attached photo taken by

Tell us two facts about the plant and then submit a inquiry plan with
two research questions and a possible information source you will use
to answer your questions.

Example: This is a young Tulip tree that is indigenous to Indiana and
is the official state tree. Right now it is about 2 ft tall. At
maturity it can grow to over 75 ft tall. That is around the size of a
7 story building.

I will use the trees database on INSIPRE.net to discover the
scientific name of this tree. Then I will try to discover why this was
choosen as the state tree.

Yeah, I can see it...

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  1. Maureen, you are a rock star librarian! I LOVE the example lesson. I want to use technology like that in my classroom. Now it is just a matter of getting the administration on board! Oh, and I think I can use my Blackberry instaed of an IPhone, unless we get them together so they can procreate...we would become billionaires...


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