May 11, 2009

Briefing Day at National Library Legislative Day

Another big day today. We started the day at 8:00 with a quick breakfast, and a lot of introductions.

Here is ALA President Jim Rettig

Here are Yvonne, me, and Carol getting ready for our briefing.

The first part of the day we were briefed on these issues:

  • USA Patriot Act, reauthorization of section 215, presented by Michelle Richardson, Legislative Council ACLU. Basically, we are asking legislators to balance the protection of civil liberties and privacy rights while assuring national security.
  • Appropriations: Plenary Sessions with Adrienne Hallett, and Michale Stephens. We need 300 million for LSTA and 100 million for Improving Literacy Through School Libraries grants.
Then we had a break where I had the pleasure of meeting Ann Martin, President of ALA.

Here we are:

After break, we had an Advocacy training with Stephanie Vance, advocacy guru, and Lynne Bradley and Kristin Murphy from the Office of Government Resources.

Lunch was at Union Station again, this time Greek.

After lunch we started on Copyright issues with Corey Williams of the OGR and consultant Jonathan Band, Esq. They did a great job explaining the why the old defeated H.R. 6845 has come back in the form of H.R. 801, and why this is NOT a good thing. This deals with misinformation about peer review.

We also discussed Orphan Works and some other issues that might come up.

After the briefing, Corey took the time to explain the Google issues with the publishing of online content.

Here are Corey and Jonathan:

More later on Stimulus, Broadband and Telecom, and more!

Then we split up for a briefing. Yvonne and I met with

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