Apr 4, 2009

Readings for my Discontent

Below are the books that I have been reading that have launched me on the quest for creating a system of relevant learning for teenagers.

"Dare the School Build a New Social Order?" by George Counts - my review on Goodreads.com

"Don't Bother Me Mom - I'm Learning" by Marc Prensky

"Born Digital" by John Palfrey and Urs Gasser

"Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns" by Clayton Christensen et. al,

"A Whole New Mind" by Daniel Pink and look specifically how to implement some of his portfolio pieces into my curriculum.

The princess' journey to find the correct path to enlightenment (see silly blog entry for April 3, 3009) is actually my road to research.

So here I stand at an academic crossroads with signs pointing in multiple directions. Me, a women with an MLS, which I now affectionately refer to as a Masters of Looking for Stuff. I literally majored in research in graduate school and yet, my road is not clear even after months of building background and pre-searching. I wish more educators and students would understand how much time it can actually take to get hot on the trail of good and worthwhile discovery.

As of this minute, my research goals and questions grow and shrink and change, and come back around again depending on the day and what I have learned anew. My vision is beginning to emerge, but mostly I am still stuck in this messy, sticky, mucky, frustrating phase of finding a narrow focus that is still meaningful and worthwhile. Really though, this is OK with me because I know who to expect. I have read Karen Kuelthau Allan (wondering if she is on twitter) and many others who studies research and inquiry process, so I can live comfortably in my own meta cognition.

As I stated in my April 2, 2009 blog, I am going to use April to muss through all this research in an open and public format. I will probably start by articulating to you (my imaginary audience) and myself why the books I listed above have planted the seed of discontent into my consciousness and how I can bring the message out of the theoretical world and into my Library Media Center.

Well, enough for now. Time to catch up on that sleep I missed last night. If anyone from my imaginary audience, and I do mean anyone, would like to comment with leads, tips, random thoughts, and advise on how to fight the good fight for teens in public schools, I would love to hear from you.

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