Apr 3, 2009

Princess & the Pee


First I would like to thank my husband who bought me this phone that allows me to blog from any location.

Next I would like to thank author Maureen Johnson who through BEDA has inspired me to stick to this commitment (even though I have already screwed up Lent) regardless of my circumstances.

Finally I would like to thank Darra Ellis, my friend and fellow band wife who is patiently sitting next to me in this bar while the guys set up, waiting for me to finish this blog. I sincerely hope that blogging from a bar will not hurt my credibility as a teen role model.

And all typos are due to this blasted little keyboard and my haste to be social and to rock out, not because of my beverage intake.

Now, on to the story.

Once upon a time there was a princess. She was smart you see because she was princess over a library fortress and spent all of her time reading and finding awesome books for her young wards. Mostly she was happy but sometimes she just knew that all was not right in the kingdom. Not all of her wards were happy and no one would help her fix the problem.

One day while in post graduate school for princesses(her dream was to Dr. Princess) she met a wise oracle, Shefuru of the Past. This sage let the princess look into her crystal ball and she saw far into the past. What she saw troubled her greatly. She saw the ancestors of all her wards when they were young and discovered that they too were not entirely happy. She realized that not much had changed in her kingdom since times log ago and she knew she had inherited a mess.

Next she was sent to the Mage of What Should Be, the wise Jobri. The princess looked deep into the Sphere of Possibilities and was again disturbed. Although the princess saw a hopeful, bright future she knew that it would only come to pass if she could figure out the riddles to find the true path to enlightenment. Soon, she thought, I will need to raise an army to take over control of the kingdom from the Great and Powerful Council of the Red Tape Magic.

She pleaded with the sages to make it easy on her, and to show her the way. In return they gave her a library of new and old spell books and said "may the force be with you."

To make things more difficult, they also put a curse on her. Whenever she decided the journey was too hard, and that maybe she could live with just some if her wards being happy, a big dog would come and pee on her royal slipper.

Stay tuned for more adventures in this thrilling adventure.

Not The End

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