Apr 22, 2009

BEDA Buddy Episode 3 - Meet Karson

Yay, Yay, It is Karson's Day!!!

Karson is another BEDA Buddy that Maureen Johnson was so awesome in picking for me. MJ likes to do these match making blogs, and I thought they were kind of silly. But, I know now that she really does have a talent for this, at least for friends.

Here is my Top 10 of why Karson is Awesome!

10. Her name ends in the "n" sound. So do all my children. It really is an awesome name. I would like to know how she got it. If I was still having children, I would name my 4th child Karson. It would not matter if I had a boy or a girl (... must find a novena that covers me from having more children, might have jinxed myself).

9. She is on Twitter - @karsonreed - Follow Her Now!

8. She has a blog on a ning site - http://maureenjohnson.ning.com/profile/KarsonReed - Once again, Follow this NOW! You will learn why if you keep reading.

7. She is on Facebook, but you can't be her friend just because you read this, you have to be special like me. I am HER BEDA Buddy and I will only share her with Rafia and Cassandra, so no stalking!

6. Despite the aforementioned #'s 7, 8, and 9, Karson thinks that she is somehow behind the game on this Web 2.0 thing. I mean, seriously, she is a social networking diva! She even does all this stuff on her phone! Egads! woman, what else do you have to do to be high tech??? (wondering... if my iPhone and her Blackberry got together and had 2.0 babies, what would that look like? Thinking my iPhone is the guy, but I could be wrong?)

5. She is a teacher. Future of the world in her hands and what not. 'nuff said!

4. She is a Language Arts Teacher. She knows that reading and writing are the most important things in the world (obviously not money or job security considering her vocational calling).

3. She is a LA teacher for Middle School kids. I teach 10-12 grade. I do not have the cojones to teach students younger than this, especially middle school students. They scare me. Check out "You might teach middle school if..." My personal favorite - You believe "extremely annoying" should have its own box on the report card.

2. She is a Library Media Specialist! She says she "used" to be and is now in a smaller classroom, but really Karson, once you get the initial retina scan, undergo insertion of the "know it all" data chip in your brain, and learn the secret hand shake, there is no leaving. We are watching! And anyway, Batgirl was a librarian (wait a minute, Batgirl kind of looks like Karson... what if...?)

#1. She is a writer and can do the most amazing things with just 55 words. It should not be legal. And she blogs about it! Just puts it out there for the whole world to see. Really, you have got to see this! (I WILL answer your challenge Karson. I am just not as awesome as you with brevity. I have to tell all my dirty secrets in long hand.)

So, you have now met the gang. Twitter, Maureen Johnson, and Providence -- Thanks!

P.S. Karson. It is OK if you correct my grammatical errors. I can handle it.

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  1. Hey Maureen! I love this blog about little ol' me! You hit the nail on the head! You are ah-mah-zing! Thank you for taking the time to get to know me through my blog and our conversations! Also, thank you for the "You might teach middle school" website. I couldn't pick a favorite because they are all so accurate and hilarious! Also, I never intended to out myself as Batgirl, but what the heck? I do have naturally red-ish hair, so there might be a correlation, but I may never tell! I can't wait to see your answer to my 55 Fiction challenge! I love writing. And even though you say you are not as awesome as me with brevity, you are always eloquent in your writing, so I know whatever you produce will be filled with awesomeness!
    PS—I would NEVER correct your grammar! I only do that to husband because it annoys him!


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