Apr 20, 2009

BEDA #20 - BEDA Buddies #1 - Meet Rafia

First of all, we are going to pretend that BEDA #19 happened. Actually, BEDA 19 is a seekrit. BEDA #19 is actually a lot like Platform 9 3/4 Kings Cross Station in London. If you run fast enough at my blog, and veer a little to the left, you will experience it in all it's glory. But for the love of Pete, just don't ask the blog station master how to get there!

Last week, Maureen Johnson did a truly incredible, some might say crazy, thing. She took about 400 BEDA bloggers who use her ning, follow her blog, or follow her on twitter, and matched them with at least three other BEDA buddies. I am not sure if she has time off, if we are her big social experiment, or if she is suffering from writers block and this was just one way to pass the time. However, it was an awesome thing to do, especially for someone like me because now I don't have just an imaginary audience anymore (happy, but a little intimidating). So, here is a brief introduction to my one of my BEDA Buddies. I will feature the other two in BEDA 21 & 22. Gosh, I get virtual friends and three more topics for BEDA. This is BIG!

Meet Rafia! Her blog/vlog/multimedia treat for the soul is at http://cheshire3000.blogspot.com/ . If you were born before 1975, then her last two blog entries will be a nostalgic treat. Honestly, to watch cookie monster disco, and then to click a few minutes later on the same page to see the original introduction video of the Wonder Woman TV series I watched as a kid, well, it gave my heart a little squeeze. I remember wrapping foil into arm and leg band and then running around the house dodging imaginary bullets my brother shot at me. Well, I hope they were imaginary but I wouldn't put anything past him then or now.

She also has a "serious" blog for us library folk. And I know if you are reading my blog, and not a BEDA Buddie, you follow serious library stuff! Her other blog is http://seriousblogisserious.blogspot.com/. Follow it too!

I don't know much about Rafia except that I would probably like to go to a chili cook-off with her and drink some good beer. Why, well besides her obvious wit and librarianess, I think she is from Texas. I love people from Texas as a rule. I have not met one I didn't love (bless their collective little hearts). I also love following musicians from Texas like:

Lyle Lovett
Bob Schneider

Dan Dyer

My favorite Spongebob episode is "Texas"

To round out the Rafia experience, don't forget to find her on Twitter, @chesire3000.

Tomorrow, another awesome BEDA blogger!

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  1. I truly believe that Disco can make anything better..you can add it to Muppets, to Super-heroes, to musicals...and they all become 143% more fun and sparkly!


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